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Kosi Bay mistakenly reported as a dangerous shark area.

Please don’t get the wrong idea, sharks live in the ocean and if you go into the ocean you are swimming in their backyard. Don’t be fooled about bogus reports you read on the internet about Kosi Bay being one of the most dangerous shark infested places in the World. This is simply not true.

The only report I can find on the internet is an attack in 1971 where a woman’s foot was bitten by a shark near Kosi Bay. That is 41 years ago, in that time countless hundreds of thousands of people have entered the waters around Kosi Bay without any reported incidents.

Firstly 99% of people either don’t have the fitness or understanding to swim deep enough to ever encounter a shark.

Secondly you should never swim after dark when the sharks are inclined to be inshore in shallow water.

Simply put when you see articles on the web touting Kosi Bay to be dangerous look at the dates of the articles, they are years old. Have you read in any news paper or seen any reports on TV about any recent shark attacks in the area? No. If you have please point me to them I would like to know about this news too.

There are more people killed each year by coconuts falling on their heads than sharks. There are more people killed by toasters than sharks each year.

So please put sharks and dangers into perspective you would have to consider yourself lucky to be killed or maimed by one of these creatures. Certainly when you drive your car each day you are at more risk than taking the odd swim in the sea. When sharks are inshore and could pose a danger don’t swim hoping to tell your mates you had a near close encounter with a shark because if you do you will come off second best.

Common sense is the order of the day.

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